3 Common Body Contouring Surgeries Post Weight Loss

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What are 3 common body contouring surgeries done after weight loss? 

After successfully shedding those extra pounds, many individuals find themselves facing a new challenge - excess skin. This is where body contouring surgeries come into play, helping to sculpt and tone the body after weight loss. Dr. Justin Martin, a renowned plastic surgeon, sheds light on the top 3 body contouring surgeries that are commonly performed post-weight loss. 

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

One of the most popular procedures post-weight loss is the tummy tuck. This surgery aims to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen while tightening the abdominal muscles. It can help achieve a firmer, more toned midsection, giving individuals the flat stomach they desire. 

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Excess skin on the upper arms can be a common concern after weight loss. An arm lift, or brachioplasty, helps to tighten and reshape the arms by removing sagging skin and fat. This procedure can improve the contour of the arms, allowing individuals to feel more confident and comfortable in sleeveless clothing. 

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)

Weight loss can also lead to loose skin on the thighs, which can be addressed through a thigh lift. This surgery involves removing excess skin and fat from the thighs, resulting in smoother, more contoured legs. A thigh lift can help individuals achieve a more proportionate lower body and enhance their overall body shape. 

It's important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Justin Martin to determine the most suitable body contouring procedures based on individual goals and needs. These surgeries can be life-changing for those who have undergone significant weight loss, helping them to finally achieve the body they have worked so hard for. 

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