Martin Plastic Surgery Overview Video

Martin Plastic Surgery Overview Video


I'm Justin Martin, I'm the owner of Martin Plastic Surgery in Dothan. I trained in plastic surgery at the University of Virginia, and came back to Dothan to start my practice.

We focus on all forms of cosmetic surgery here, face, breast and body. Some of the more common problems that we deal with are patients who have been pregnant and are seeing the effects of pregnancy on their body. They exercise and just can't lose the weight, or can't make the change that they want. 

We also see a lot of patients who have had bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, and have lost a lot of weight. Despite all of the weight loss, they still have a lot of loose skin that they can't get rid of, and really the only way to take care of that is to remove it.

We want patients to have a thorough understanding of the problems that they want to have addressed and how to address them. We want them to understand what it is that I propose to do to help them. We want them to be confident that they're going to feel better about themselves for years to come after they step out of the office.