Facelift Overview

Dr. Justin Martin give an overview of the facelift procedure offered at Martin Plastic Surgery.


I'm Justin Martin, owner of Martin Plastic Surgery. Today, we'll be talking about face lift. 

Over time, gravity has pulled down the facial structures in the mid-face and lower-face and neck, and this leads to the formation of jowls along the jaw line, descent of the cheeks down lower on the face than they used to be, deepened folds around the mouth going from the nose to the corner of the mouth and below the corner of the mouth, and the face lift procedure is a surgery that is designed to correct all these things. 

It's an outpatient procedure. So you come in, have the procedure done, and go home that day I typically see patients back in the office the nest day just to make sure that everything looks good. We see dramatic results after face and neck lift surgery. Patients routinely look at least 10 or 15 years younger than they did before. Because we focus on the structures beneath the skin, we get much more long-lasting results, too. I expect to get at least 10 years out of a face lift, maybe more.