Injectables Overview

Dr. Justin Martin give an overview of the Injectables offered at Martin Plastic Surgery.


I'm Justin Martin, owner of Martin Plastic Surgery, and today we'll be talking about injectables. The main injectables we use in our practice are Botox and fillers. Botox is used for wrinkles on the face that are caused by the muscles up under the face and the contraction of those muscles. A typical Botox treatment here in the office is very quick, it usually only takes about five or ten minutes, and there is minimal recovery time. I usually just tell patients that they don't need to exercise for the rest of the day and I tell them not to touch the areas that we treated to avoid spreading Botox around. But the following day, the patient can do whatever they want to do. So, fillers are a great option for patients who want some improvement in their face and aren't quite ready to undergo surgery yet. One advantage of fillers is that patients see almost immediate results. For the amount of time invested in these treatments, they can be dramatic results.