Tummy Tuck Overview

Dr. Justin Martin give an overview of the tummy tuck procedure offered at Martin Plastic Surgery.


I'm Justin Martin. I'm the owner of Martin Plastic Surgery, and today we'll be talking about tummy tuck.

A typical tummy tuck involves an incision across the lower abdomen, and the procedure basically involves removing all of this loose, redundant skin on the lower abdomen that a lot of times has stretch marks on it. So a lot of the stretch marks go away too. This leads to much more flat, trim abdomen. It can even lead to more shapely hips and better curves on the sides of the abdomen, sort of restores the shape of the abdomen.

This procedure can be done as an outpatient procedure in a healthy patient. It's possible to have the procedure done and go home on the same day. More commonly, though, I'll keep patients overnight just for observation. Routinely, these patients come back, and they have no regrets. They're glad they did it. They feel good about themselves. They don't feel self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit. Fitting into clothing isn't as much of an issue as it was. They just feel better.